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The Largest Natural Gas Reserves Are Now Located in Northeastern United States

The map below, constructed by the United States Energy Information Administration, shows the estimated natural gas reserves of the United States. The largest bubble on the map, representing the largest reserves of natural gas, is primarily from the Marcellus Shale covering the states of Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. As the Utica Shale reserves become more defined, additional significant reserves will be attributed to these states. These additional reserves will define the largest gas fields in the United States within the state of Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. This is a recent and dramatic shift in the location of natural gas reserves in the United States relative to industry and population. Nothing like this has occurred since the rise of the industrial age in the late 1800's when the initial development of oil and gas began in this area.


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A Recent Study Shows Substantial Utica Shale Resource Growth

In 2015, a study for Utica Shale was conducted by the Appalachian Oil and Natural Gas Research Consortium, a program of the National Research Center for Coal and Energy at West Virginia University, and various government agencies and private companies.

The consortium is a partnership of 15 industry members, four state geological surveys, two universities, one consulting company and one national lab. Members include the West Virginia University National Research Center for Coal and Energy, Washington University, the State of Kentucky Geological Survey, the State of Ohio Geological Survey, the State of Pennsylvania Geological Survey, the State of West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey, the United States Geological Survey, Smith Stratigraphic, and the United States Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory.

The study shows substantial Utica resource growth from previous estimates. The study estimates the Utica Shale contains technically recoverable resources of 782 Tcf of gas and 1,960 MMbo.

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The Potential Productive Area of the Utica and Marcellus Shales in the Ohio Valley is Nearly the Size of Germany

The United States energy information administration has mapped the Utica and Marcellus Shales, which cover substantial portions of Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.


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